Active Healthy Kids Australia is a collaboration between physical activity researchers from around the nation who have a vested interest in increasing the physical activity levels of all Australian children and young people under
the age of 18.

The Report Card on Physical Activity for Children and Young People produced by Active Healthy Kids Australia has been compiled in the hope that it will help inform the nation on how active our children and young people really are. The vision is to update the Report Card annually and continue to collate emerging research and trends to “score” the nation on the levels of physical activity in children and young people.

Active Healthy Kids Australia anticipates that the Report Card findings will help:

  • Inform policy changes and environmental decision-making in health services to increase physical activity participation;
  • Highlight where more research is needed to better understand the physical activity behaviours of Australian children and young people; and
  • Encourage all Australians to make changes in their lives to model positive behaviour with the hope of increasing physical activity levels and reducing sedentary behaviour among the children and young people of today and tomorrow.