Youth Advisory Council (YAC)

Active Healthy Kids Australia believe that if we want to commit to driving conversations and actions which empower children to shape their own physical activity evolution, it is important that we first take the conversation to the kids themselves – which is what we have done by establishing the AHKA Youth Advisory Council (YAC).


The YAC, which commenced in August 2017, comprises 11 children and young people aged 8-16 years from around the country who are committed to playing an active role in helping to create a healthier Australia.  They believe that one important way to achieve this is to keep physical activity fun!


Every month the YAC meets to discuss a range of topics and questions about physical activity and being physically active as a child or young person in Australia today.  These meetings have been providing a wealth of valuable insight into the ideas, motivations and perceptions that kids have about physical activity that are helping to drive AHKA’s priority research areas and engagement actions. Our current focus is the development of an online kid’s physical activity survey that the YAC is assisting us to be launched early 2018 and to also help AHKA develop a face-to-face ‘Kids Forum’ that will be delivered during the first half of 2018.


For more information about the AHKA YAC please contact Dr Natasha Schranz (AHKA Co-Chair, or Dr Vanessa Glennon (AHKA Project Officer,


What the YAC have discussed

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